The OFFICIAL College Survival Guide

The OFFICIAL College Survival Guide

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"How 4.0 and Honors Students Party The Hardest, Lose Their Stress And WIN COLLEGE... And How You Can Too..."

*** This is THE OFFICIAL College Survival Guide, updated for the FALL 2021 semester and beyond***

A purchase of this package includes:

Premium digital download of THE OFFICIAL College Survival Guide™ , complete with student interviews

Online access to The Ultimate Party Checklist and The Ultimate Daily Study Guide, taking your partying and studying skills to the next level 
The "Graduate-level Checklist for Exams" and the "Graduate-level Checklist for Parties"
A How-to guide for the two most powerful organizing tools...
EXTRA: Making new connections and starting a club, Step-by-Step



- Where fear of college and fear of graduation comes from and how a simple change in mindset can crush fear permanently. Once you know this technique, you'll face college head-on, ace your classes, and party as much as you want.

- The 5 most common mistakes new freshmen make when first entering college. If even one of these works against you, college is going to be a lot tougher and boring...

- Top habits that 4.0 and Honors Students use to strengthen themselves against exam stress and relationship drama. These habits disarm ANY negative emotions or mental block that holds you back.

- Why the people who know you matter more than anything in college
and the simple strategy to meet more people, make new friends, and become well-known in less time.

- The ONE THING all top students use to take on the competition and the secrets
that 90% of students don't have - yet. And how you can begin activating this mysterious power today.

- The destructive power of "not-yet" and why it causes
heartache, frustration and stress. And the simple strategy to plan out your college days, parties and relationships for the easiest (and most fun) academic journey ever.

- The 4-step strategy for boosting your grades and overcoming ALL your pessimistic social anxiety. This ties the program together, helping you create your own realistic and powerful plan for flying towards your goals in no time.

THE OFFICIAL College Survival Guide is full of powerful ways to unlock your university potential, create cherished partytime memories with new friends, achieve impressive top grades and make transformational bonds - well beyond graduation.